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The First 48

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The First 48 follows detectives from around the country during these first critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect. Gritty and fast-paced, it takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life investigations with unprecedented access to crime scenes, autopsies, forensic processing, and interrogations. Tags: alabama, birmingham alabama, charlotte north carolina, dallas texas, detective, digit in series title, florida, harris county texas, homicide, homicide detective, interrogation, investigation, kentucky, louisville kentucky, memphis tennessee, miami florida, murder, murder investigation, non fiction, north carolina, number in series title, number in title, police, police detective, tennessee, texas, time in title, time lapse photography
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The First 48 Season 15 Season 15 (30 Episodes)
The First 48 season 16 Season 16 (16 Episodes)
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