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American High School

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BBC Three has unprecedented access to Orangeburg-Wilkinson, a majority African-American High School in South Carolina, following a charismatic principal and his students over the course of one school year. Through their eyes we witness the life-changing moments on a tough journey into adulthood. Life chances for African Americans who graduate high school are starkly different to those who don’t. With the odds stacked against them we follow the class of 2016 over this, their make or break year. We experience their highs and their lows as they prepare for life after high school. We meet Ivy League hopefuls, male cheerleaders and young mothers growing up in a neighbourhood where drugs, lethal shootings and teenage pregnancy are just as commonplace as dates at the diner and senior Prom. This is school as you’ve never seen it before and a unique insight into how it really feels to be young and black in America today.
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American High School Season 1 Season 1 (6 Episodes)
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