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Hi-tech, drone-based game show. Four teams of wannabe aviators enter the Airena to compete against each other in a testing series of three unique, aerial challenges. To win a place in the semi-finals they must battle through the Airsault Course, master the Drop – a game of precision and magnetic hoists – and then finally take on the rigours of the lasers in the Dogfight. One aviator and their wingman will be eliminated each round so they have to use all their airborne skill, wits and luck to survive. And as if that wasn’t tough enough, the aviators will be stalked in the Airena by Airmageddon’s resident drones – the mighty Wasp, fire-breathing Dragon and toughest of the tough guys Guard – while the games are patrolled by the Air Marshall. Welcome to a new dimension of game show. Welcome to Airmageddon!
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Airmageddon Season 1 Season 1 (2 Episodes)
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